As with a variety of wardrobe, donning Lularoe maxi skirts and giving justice to them can be tough when the pieces you have don’t match your figure, height, body shape, and accessory.  However, women including you can wear maxis for as long as you know the dos and don’ts of it.  Maxis can emphasize the tummy so be careful about choosing the right one.

Maxis and your tummy

If you have a big tummy, try to camouflage it by wearing a maxi just below your breast.  Better yet, wear it where your waist is at its narrowest.  Also, maxi styles that do not bunch around the tummy are flattering.  It should fall freely from your waist down.  This will not draw attention to your problem areas.

Pair the maxi with a long, tunic-type shirt, with the edge just on the hip area.  You can also opt to wear a cropped shirt with some beads or embellishments.

Length matters

Your height should be one of the considerations when deciding on the skirt length of your maxi.  Experiment on a few skirts and prepare to have it hemmed as needed.

If you are tall, the length may be just enough to hide your feet.  On the other hand, if you are short, the appropriate skirt length may just below the ankle or a little above it.  Either way, wearing heels to match your maxi would be great.

Pattern and design

A maxi always looks good on tall and slim ladies no matter what length.  The print, pattern, color, tone and design won’t matter because all these will look good.

Those who belong to the petite group should exercise more care in choosing a maxi.  Choose a piece that has a fine print and avoids full skirts.  Small women will look great in sleek wardrobe made of lightweight material. Just be sure to check out the LuLaRoe sizing chart before ordering.

Maxis and versatility

If attending an evening dinner or meeting, wear maxis that are up to 4 inches below the knee as they look more polished.  Ankle length maxis look more casual but dressier than jeans or slacks.  Denim maxi, on the other hand, works well whether below or above the ankle.

Long, pencil cut skirts are figure hugging and good for evening wear too.  While they are also fashionable, A-line cut maxis offer more comfort without sacrificing fashion.  Only wear pencil cut styles when you’re comfortable wearing them and when they flatter your body shape.

Shoes matter too

Wear flat sandals with your maxi during day trips.  Slippers and sneakers are a good match too.  Low wedge sandals may also be worn with a maxi if flats are not your style.

For evening wear, ankle boots, pumps, sandals, peep toes are great with maxis.

Socks, tights and opaque hose look good with a maxi especially when paired with ankle boots.

Lularoe maxi skirts are perfect pieces of wardrobe every woman should have.  Choose the perfect types for you and look smashing and chic night and day.