Organic SEO is a great way of pulling in more traffic for your business, but it is something that a lot of people still find intimidating. When you engage in social media marketing or even paid search it is easy to tell what works and what doesn’t because you get instant results. With columbus seo optimization it takes longer to get that feedback, so a lot of people fall into the trap of thinking that things aren’t working, and they then go on to change things that would have been effective. Alternatively, they fall victim to black hat marketers who sell ideas that might work short term, but that are liable to leave them in the supplemental results, or with a penalty that will leave you struggling to get back into the results pages at all.

Organic SEO Means Serving Your Customers

The thing that a lot of people forget is that really, organic SEO is not that complicated. Google and the other major search engines want to provide people with answers to their problems, and that means sending them to the sites that provide the right information or the best products for a good price. If you do that, and offer consumers a good experience on your website, then you should find that your site performs well in the search engines over time.

The search engines are looking for a few things – mobile friendliness, the relevance of your site to the keywords or keyphrases that were searched for, and also the authority of the site. It judges the authority of a website based on how many people link to it, and the quality of those links as well as the context. In addition, brand name strength matters. If your site is called Widget World and numerous review sites talk about how Widget World is a good place to buy Widgets, then even if they aren’t linking to you, the fact that they are mentioning you will get noticed.

What is Organic SEO?

A lot of what happens with organic SEO involves long tail keywords and searches. These are the things that don’t get many searches compared to simple brand names but where the searchers have high purchase intent. You can often rank well for these more easily than for a search for a high competition keyword such as a brand name so it is worth putting some effort in to earn good rankings.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO requires an investment into time and creating content that will actually interest real people. If you do that, instead of focusing on keyword density and getting a large number of incoming links, then you will have the best chance of doing well.

If you are thinking of hiring a company to do SEO work for you, ask them for examples of other groups they have worked with, and ask them what techniques they use. You are looking for a company that offers realistic ideas of what they can achieve. No reputable SEO agency will promise number one because they cannot guarantee that.