Standing desk workstations started getting attention several decades ago when CBS news anchor Dan Rather famously decided to stop sitting down for his broadcasts, preferring to instead stand while delivering the news. Given the increased awareness about how long periods of sedentary positioning and staying seated can negatively impact a person’s health and risk things like obesity, a growing number of people have been looking into the benefits of standing desk workstations. If you’re curious about them yourself, keep reading to learn 4 specific ones that might appeal to you:

Benefits and Considerations of Using a Standing Desk

1) Better for your health:

Standing desk workstations are generally better for your health. When you stand up, you’re at least slightly active and still engaging muscles from your toes all the way to your low back. That’s going to keep some caloric burn going on as well as maintain your total posture more than sitting or slouching.

Some standing desk workstation enthusiasts take things to an extreme new level and even add things like treadmills or exercise bikes underneath the desk so they can get exercise for their physical bodies while they are doing paperwork or digital things on their computer or laptop.

2) Improved focus on your tasks at hand:

When you’re standing on your feet, you’re having to be mindful of where you are and what you’re doing. That’s going to make it much easier to focus on your work and responsibilities rather than slouch back and fire up a phone game or look up funny cat videos. Your productivity is going to go way up with one of these desks.

3) Take up less square footage:

Standing desks mean that you’re not sitting back in a chair, so everything is closer to reach. Also, since you just need room for your feet and not the base of an entire chair, you’re not going to see so much room taken up by such a piece of furniture. That means you can put a workspace into rooms or corners that might not have otherwise been possible.

Standing Desk

4) Harder for kids and pets to mess up:

Given the very physical nature of standing desk workstations, their surface or work area is higher off the floor than sitting desks and traditional furniture. While this does not make them child- or pet-proof in full, it does make it far less likely that your little ones or furry friends will get up there from the floor and mess up your work area when you’re not looking. Of course, cat lovers might not get to really experience this particular benefit. Learn more here

Now that you know 4 benefits of a standing desk workstation, consider whether or not one is right for you. If you think you might be inclined to try one but aren’t sure you want to be always standing up when you’re using it, keep in mind that you can always keep a tall stool handy for when your feet aren’t just up for it anymore. Get more benefits at