Contrary to popular belief, finding the ideal engagement ring can be a complicated and time-consuming process. While the woman will probably be happy with the ring you have chosen, you need to remember that there are various types of rings available and only one ring will be suitable for your fiancée. This article will help with the task of finding a ring and provide information on considerations to make when choosing the ideal engagement ring.

1. Consider Your Financial Budget

While an engagement ring’s worth should stem from the meaning behind it and not its monetary worth, one’s financial capacity needs to be taken into account. When buying this piece of jewelry, it is recommended that you decide on a budget beforehand. By determining a budget before looking for a ring, you will be able to explore all the affordable options. There is no rule regarding how much you should spend on an engagement ring, but you do not want to place yourself in debt when you are not sure she will say yes.

2. Choose The Style

Selecting the style of the ring is potentially the most difficult part of purchasing an engagement ring. It may be helpful to consider your loved one’s style of dress and accessories worn as they are likely to prefer a ring that will complement these styles. For example, a woman who prefers classic styles of dress may be drawn to a more traditional ring style as compared to someone who wears grunge clothing.

3. Choosing The Gemstone

In addition to the ring style, it is important to consider the type of gemstone. The most classic type of engagement ring will feature a diamond; however, not all individuals are fans of the diamond and some may prefer a stone that is more unique. According to statistics, the blue sapphire is the second most common type of engagement ring stone. If you are unsure of your potential fiancée’s favorite stone, based on the statistics it may be beneficial to opt for the sapphire or diamond.

Of course, when choosing the stone it is important to consider your budget as well. Sapphires cost a great deal less than diamonds and may be the better option for people on a restricted budget. Moreover, sapphires are available in different colors including yellow, pink, and blue. However, diamonds are more durable than sapphires and they may be considered a long-term investment as a harder gemstone.

4. The Four C’s

If you are considering a diamond engagement ring, it is essential that you are aware of how this stone is classified. Below is a guide to the four C’s which will help identify the characteristics of a diamond.

• Cut

The gemstone’s cut is related directly to the diamond’s overall beauty. When diamonds are cut correctly it has an enhanced level of light reflection. By understanding the way light moves through the diamonds, cutters are able to set specific criteria to harness the stone’s brilliance and represent the diamond in its best light.

• Carat

Carat is the most well-known and visually apparent aspect of diamond comparison. The carat refers to the weight of the diamond and is utilized for gemstone measurement. A higher carat means a better gemstone.

• Clarity

The availability of natural blemishes and inclusions within most diamonds can influence the stone’s appearance, thus it will influence the value. Inclusions are structural imperfections in the diamond, such as the presence of a crystal or cracks (also known as feathers), and this will appear as a cloud in the stone. In the majority of cases, the inclusions are microscopic, but there are cases where diamonds do not have inclusions. The latter type of stone is rare and considered of high value.

• Color

The color of a diamond is the result of natural microscopic elements of nitrogen that were present when the stone formed underneath the Earth’s upper surface. Diamonds with reduced color are rare and of higher value.

Final Words

As can be seen, finding the ideal engagement ring can be a complicated procedure but it is possible. Using the information above, you can locate the most beneficial engagement ring for your fiancée and find the best stone to help with your proposal.  Choose best quality ring and designs at